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Working on the Farm.

Purebred registered Icelandic Sheep, breeding stock for sale, natural colored fleeces, roving, and felting batts.

Respect the Dirt.

This working farm serves to teach about farm life and livestock care, and for guests to enjoy the “farm experience” (without the 4 a.m. wake up!). The Farm is home to over 40 Icelandic sheep, chickens of all kinds including Icelandic chickens, guinea hens, pheasants, bunnies, fish, and a goat named Tracey.

Raised specifically for their prized wool, our sheep take credit for the variety of high quality roving, yarns, felted goods, and handcrafted rugs we sell on the Farm and at craft fairs throughout Virginia.

Native Virginia trees and other flora provide food and shade for our animals, and our chickens lay daily. Get your hands extra dirty with us in the spring and summer when our garden beds are teeming with fresh fruits and vegetables.